About Simple Security

Simple Security was born of frustration and a great conversation.

We were having a cyber-security lunch. Around the table, we had security experts, IT consultants, and a number of business leaders.  The group was discussing their experiences with cyber-security.

We heard the story from one of the CEOs who was the victim of ransomware. The IT consultant offered stories of multiple breaches, insider attacks and more ransomware.  The security experts had more of the same stories.

It was a great conversation and incredibly frustrating.

Many of these stories should have had a different ending.  One where the businesses did not end up being another victim.

Every year the number of businesses who fall victim to a cyber-attack grows.  In 2015, it was 37% – more than 1 in 3 companies. Yet with some simple tools, training and processes, we can reduce that number dramatically.

We’re here to help.  Simple Security is focused on:

  • Helping business leaders have better conversations about their risks and securing their business
  • Making industry-leading security tools and processes available to all businesses
  • Increasing security awareness for everyone by focusing on the threat and the why
  • Ensuring that security is effectively implemented

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Mike Knapp – Founder

Mike is passionate about helping companies.  Leveraging a lifetime in technology, he is a technology strategist, project superhero and cyber-security simplifier who has worked with dozens of companies to reduce risk and help them reach their goals.

Mike is a partner with Incrementa Consulting and the founder of SimpleSecurity.

Connect with Mike on Linkedin, Twitter or by emailing mike at simplesecurity.ca.


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