Security Awareness Training

Train your team to recognize threats before they fall victim to an attack



What you need to know to protect your business, de-geeked and accessible to everyone


Your team is the weakest link in your organization’s security. The most pervasive threats, including Phishing and Ransomware, target users to breach your security defenses.

Statistics and studies around the Internet paint a grim picture:

  • 30% of phishing emails get opened
  • 90% of the phishing emails contained ransomware
  • 33% of companies have been the victim of CEO fraud (spear phishing or BEC attacks)
  • The number of data breaches increased by 40% in 2016 to more than 4.2 billion records
  • 123456 is still the most popular password.

When end users know what to look for, the risk of a breach reduces massively.

Simple Security’s Awareness Training breaks down key security concepts and threats into plain English and real-world stories, so anyone can understand and know how to manage cyber-threats.

Our security awareness training program is specifically targeted for SMBs. We’ve removed the barriers to entry – no complex setup or features that need a security specialist to use. Just the knowledge your team needs to protect themselves.


Designed as bite-sized chunks, each module is self-contained, covering a single topic.

Data Protection Passwords Email and Phishing
Social Engineering Malware and


  • Key security elements, de-geeked and made simple for everyone to understand
  • Short, focused modules on key security areas including data security, passwords, phishing and other email scams, ransomware and social engineering
  • Real-world stories to show applications of key concepts
  • Access to regular live security webinars and other training materials
  • Testing to ensure comprehension

Training Formats

  • Using our online training portal
  • For your learning management system or training portal
  • Live, in-person or online training
Service Providers

Our training programs are designed for the channel and brandable.  Are you ready to improve your clients’ security?

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From 1 person to 10,000, we’re happy to  help any business not be the next victim of cyber-crime.

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The Cyber Security Training presentation was very enlightening and something every office team should take. His experience in this field was a definite asset.

Richart Starr

The content is very good and useful for all users. I have a very strong IT background and I found some of the content as a great refresher and reminder. I recommend this to any firm who takes their data integrity and security very seriously. You can have all the technology in the world to protect you but with uninformed and uneducated people on your team, the technology will be very useless.

Moe Manavipour, Senior Operations Manager

I just wanted to say thank you for your security training information session you provided for us.  I thought that this may have been a truly boring hour but it was very interesting and you kept my attention the whole time. This is not only something I would recommend to every business out there but it is an absolute must have.

Justin McNair

The training program was extremely well done from start to finish. It was thorough, well thought through and simple enough for all staff to complete while still driving home an important message about our policy/processes. I highly recommend this training for any company concerned about security!

Allison Hicks, Director of HR

Attention Grabbing!

Simple Security’s awareness training drives the message home by using industry examples; all the while, emphasizing that everyone in an organization is responsible for security, not just IT!

Vanessa McCormick, Executive Director

We have deployed the Simple Security training courses as security awareness controls for our ISO 27001-based ISMS.  Mike does an amazing job in communicating the importance of security best practices, and the topics covered are even a great refresher for our more security conscious team members.

Mirek Pijanowski, Founder, StandardFusion

Mike [from SimpleSecurity] did our in-person security awareness training.  It was clear, engaging and fun! Memorable too.Thank you!

Bob Woodhouse, Manager Operations and Technbology