Security Leadership

Effective security is not a point-in-time activity.

The landscape is constantly changing.

Your business needs change, compliance requirements evolve and the threat landscape becomes more treacherous.

Security is not one-size fits all.  It’s not a firewall and anti-virus.  It’s a holistic approach that involves your entire company, the right processes and technology.

Our team at Incrementa Consulting specializes in understanding your unique needs, developing the right program, then leading the process of putting the right defenses in place.

The process involves the following phases:

  • Assess and develop the roadmap
  • Implement controls & educate
  • Monitor and evaluate the program

Our Services

We provide a full spectrum of security leadership services, including:

  • Part-time Chief Security Officer
  • Risk and gap assessments
  • Security program design
  • Security awareness training
  • Internal security audits
  • ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOC2 and other compliance framework implementations

Ready to reduce your risk and start down the path to better security?