Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning is like checking to see if you’ve left your doors unlocked or windows open when you leave your home.

Do you make sure you lock your door and close your windows before you leave your house?  Vulnerability scanning does exactly that for your network.

Hackers are constantly scanning the Internet for security flaws they can take advantage of. When they find that flaw, and exploit it, your defenses are breached.

This is one of the ways they steal data, infect your systems with ransomware or viruses, or create a platform to launch attacks.

Vulnerability scanning helps discover the flaws before the hackers do.

Simple Security use enterprise-grade vulnerability scanning software to check for more than 80,000 potential exploits and provide you with clear steps on how to solve them.

Best of all – we make it affordable so any business can be more confident of their defenses.

Vulnerability Scanning Brochure

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External and Website Vulnerability Scanning

Make sure your external network connections and website are secure.

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Internal Security Scans

Is your network secure? Internal security scans provide a clear picture of potential risks and issues on your corporate network.

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